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Below are the answers to the most commonly asked questions.  Feel free to email the WBL any specific questions you might have: info@womenplayingbaseball.com

Is this a day camp or overnight camp?
GIBA is a day camp with scheduled activities through out the day and evening.

What is the cost to attend?
Thanks to generous donations and sponsorships the cost to attend GIBA is only $99.  Costs associated with lodging, travel, and meals outside of camp are the responsibilities of the Camper.

How many children will be accepted into the program and when will I know the results?
Only 40 children will be accepted into the Academy.  All applicants will be notified of the results by April 1, 2007.

I am flying in Internationally, where do you recommend I stay?
International guests and their chaperone will be offered a host home for the week of GIBA.

What equipment does my daughter need to bring to camp?
All campers must have their own baseball glove, baseball helmet, white baseball pants, red baseball belt, and shoes (both cleats and indoor running shoes).  Catcher’s should bring their own gear.

What should my daughter wear to camp?
Every day, players must wear white baseball pants, a red belt, and GIBA T-shirt.  A baseball hat is a requirement.

Does my daughter need to wear a Jill (a female version of the Cup)?
We highly recommend that all campers wear Jills, esp. Catcher’s.  However Academy will not have an official “Cup Check.”  Jills should be found for sale at your local sporting goods shop.

Will water be available at the field?
Yes.  Campers will have frequent water breaks.

Will there by first-aid on site?
Academy coaches have first aid training.  Children in need of a medical supervision will be taken to a local hospital or 911 will be called.

What field dimensions will my daughter play on?
Players will be divided by skill, experience, and age. Players prepared to play at full distances (90 ft basepaths and 60 ft pitching) will do so and may compete against women.  Another field option is 80 ft basepaths and 55 feet pitching – which will be for games against girls 16 and under. Our smallest field will be either Little League distances (60 & 48) or Baseball Ontario distances (70 & 50) for play against girls 13 and under.