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With a legacy of over 140 years of excellent skills, Atlas Copco, founded in 1873 is one of the top experienced manufacturers of sustainable and productive solutions. Atlas Copco India manufactures and then trades on industrial air and gas compressors, filters, dryers, compressor parts and also many services. This company also produces a wide range of pneumatic tools.

The products offered here help the consumers to attain a sustainable productivity for a variety of markets that include manufacturing industries, construction, electronics, automotive etc. There are a variety of Atlas Copco parts.

Different parts available at Atlas Copco are here:

  • Compressor separators and filter

To reduce and restrict the dirt and dust to cause damage or loss in the optimum performance of the rotors and the housings, high class filters are installed to elongate the lifetime of the machinery. These filters help in withstanding heavy operating pressures. These filters have high capacity to hold dirt and also have temperature resistance. There are alternative filters that can accommodate more than a machine. These Atlas Copco parts promise optimal results.

  • Compressor oils, fluids and lubricants

These high class compressor oils, fluids and lubricants are perfectly customised as per the very specific requirements of the equipment. They have anti-oxidants that guarantee the best of protection of your machinery. And there is also a feature that improves the quality of the air and this prevents the foaming. The Atlas Copco lubricants have a unique mixture that has brilliant properties of resistance to oxidation, thickness in low temperature and also anti-foaming. These lubricants also cure corrosion, early decay and contamination. The range is NSF certified.


  • Servicing kits

Basic spare parts are usually not specifically produced for the compressor; this adds a question the reliability of the equipment and increases the threat of poor compressor performance and excessive power consumption. Legitimate parts so guarantee a high worth and performance. Atlas Copco parts offer a multiple managerial shortcuts. This saves time on the selection of what is the right part to be used for the next service interface. These genuine parts save a lot of important time. And there is assurance of quality for these Atlas Copco parts.

  • Compressor Line filters

All the filter cartridges have been tested thoroughly in factory and are ISO certified for being genuine products. This supports air purity post each service interference. The Atlas Copco parts like the compressor line filters minimises the drop in pressure by 40% and is energy saving efficient. These line filters have the optimum life span and the quality is independently validated by TUV.

  • Compressor upgrades

The elements used in Atlas Copco parts for compressor upgrades are uniquely designed to help the compressor achieve efficient levels of performance that is not possible to attain with the basic components. The energy saving compressor offers features for optimal representation and also maximum uptime. The Xchange Converter has high cooling capability and a rugged design that protects the sensitive components. The Atlas Copco parts available in this are very reliable. This minimises the downtime and also is very energy efficient.

The Atlas Copco group is considered as one of the leading provider of endurable productivity solutions. This group is serving over 180 countries across the globe with products that define excellence and focus mainly on energy efficiency, output capacity, and safety.